The Life cycle of a Lockdown

1. Genesis (~1 month) A patient zero or a small cluster of cases are introduced to an area. People are unaware, and the government does not take initial reports seriously. The disease spreads freely to hundreds—if not thousands—before warnings signs appear. 2. Denial (~2 months) The calm before the storm. The threat develops. It likelyContinue reading “The Life cycle of a Lockdown”

COVID-19: What we Know so Far

Sometime in November a species cross-over event occurred, likely involving the following chain: bat → pangolin → human. Snakes have been ruled out as an unlikely candidate. Early on Chinese authorities suppressed news of the infection, but in January this changed as the epicenter, Wuhan, was placed under lock down and many precautions were takenContinue reading “COVID-19: What we Know so Far”

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